UMD has requested that they tweak their deal with the DECC concerning their lease agreement with Amsoil Arena.  Some of the tweaking is UMD looking for a bit of a relief on the payment structure.  They are also asking to for more liberalized alcohol sales.Currently the only place you can get a beer at a bulldog game is if you are in the suites or in the bar on the upper level.  Fans have asked for alcohol to be served at games and UMD also sees it as a way to help with revenue.  It's also becoming more common for colleges to offer alcohol sales at games across the country.

They want to be able to offer beer & wine in a safe and enjoyable way that won't be disruptive to families.

We will see how this pans out if they go forward with a restructured lease agreement.

You can read more on this story from the Duluth News Tribune.

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