The Suites Hotel in Duluth is located in the heart of Canal Park and one review on TripAdvisor is convinced the hotel could be haunted.

Jenny H from Minneapolis stayed here in 2016 and stated she stayed at the Suites twice and review started out like a typical good hotel review. After talking about how great the rooms are, how friendly the staff are and how the breakfast is, she said she would not stay here again due to the hotel being haunted. Here's what she continued to say on the review:

I would NOT stay here again for one simple reason and it's not the service, cleanliness or anything to do with the staff. It's the fact that this hotel is haunted. I've stayed here twice and the second time I heard very quiet voices whispering very fast. What they were saying wasn't audible. I checked the hallways and looked outside. It was past midnight. No one was around. The shops were all closed, there wasn't even cars driving by. My husband heard the same noises. We didn't sleep well that night. This is a very old warehouse type building that they've remodeled to be a nice hotel. It has a lot of old charm with the vents running on top of the ceiling. I would tell others to use this hotel as a last resort. I know I'm not returning.

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General Manager Tom S replied to the review with "Thank you for your review! The hotel has a lot of charm and we appreciate your kind comments. I didn't think we are haunted, but who knows about the spirit world....Thanks!"

The hotel has over 500 reviews on TripAdvisor and this is the only one stuck out to me. I have been to the Suites a few times and have never experienced anything out of the ordinary. This is definitely an interesting review though.

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