Jamie Bonnett caught his 2-year-old son waving and giggling at a lampshade. However, after careful consideration, the dad now believes that the toddler was interacting with the ghost of his dead great-grandmother.

As reported by the Mirror, Bonnett was putting his son Loki to bed when suddenly, something caught the young boy's attention.

"It's clear he was pointing to someone over in the corner and saying hi. He's very shy, so he won't say hi to anyone unless they're family," Bonnett shared.

"The way he was smiling and waving, the only person we could think of that he'd be that close with is Stacey's grandmother," the dad continued. "She's just passed away quite recently, and he was close with her."

"He was smiling and giggling afterwards as well. He sat in bed with a big smile on his face," the dad added of his son's behavior. "He laughed, and that was actually surprisingly one of the best nights we've had with him."

Video footage from the family's nanny cam reveals the toddler laying in bed peacefully before abruptly looking confused and staring at the corner of the room. He then begins to grin and wave toward a lampshade in the corner.

The young boy points, waves and says, "Hi," as he giggles in the short clip.

Bonnett appears startled and questions the small child: "Who are you saying 'hi' to?"

Loki and his great grandmother were very close before her death in early 2022, which leads the family to believe that the toddler was getting an extra bit of bedtime love from the deceased nana.

The creeped-out dad explained his son is a shy child and refuses to talk to strangers.

Before the great-grandmother passed away, she had told the family that she would be looking out for Loki in the afterlife.

"They say that children are more susceptible to seeing this sort of thing. We knew for a while that she was dying, and she did say she'd be watching out for us," Bonnett continued, adding, "I wouldn't say I believed in spiritual things before, but my beliefs have changed a wee bit. It's nice knowing that maybe there is something after [life], and maybe she was there watching over him."

Afterward, the family got "a wee night light" to sleep with. According to the dad, "[It's] got about four different levels of brightness, and I think we slept on the third brightest one."

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