Ever since older people have been joining social networking sites like Facebook, they’ve been embarrassing their children. Usually this manifests itself in the same kind of hokey parental sentiments that have been irking kids since way before the internet. But a woman in Germany has gone in the complete other direction by humiliating her daughter with the kind of stunt you’d only expect from junior high schoolers.

The unnamed woman posted on her Facebook page an unflattering photo of her 24-year-old daughter in a bikini and then added offensive comments about her weight. The daughter — who wasn’t Facebook friends with her mom — heard about the insult through the grapevine.

Why this has become a matter of public record is the daughter sued mom in regional court for copyright infringement. Not only did the judge agree the offending snap must be removed because it belonged to the daughter, but he ordered the mother to pay about $750 in damages. Additionally, he demanded this worst-parent-of-the-year candidate take down another photo that was insulting toward her son.

Because of the case, mother and daughter are no longer in contact. Which is too bad, because this would all make for quite the interesting Christmas dinner argument.

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