Eastern equine encephalitis is a deadly brain swelling virus transmitted by mosquitoes. It is rare and very uncommon, but this year there has been an uptick. Multiple cases have been reported across the country, but Michigan is being hit especially hard with now 3 deaths happening this year. According to USA today, all three deaths have been adults.

Because of the illnesses and deaths, the Michigan Department of Health has urged the cancellation of outdoor events and activities, especially those that take place at or after dusk involving children. Mosquitoes are more active in the evening, and the only way to prevent this illness is to not get bitten by an infected mosquito.

This virus isn't new. The CDC has been tracking it for years and there are cases each year. This year, however, seems to be worse than previous years. It's also been found in Wisconsin.

Obviously, this isn't an easy solution. Anyone who lives in the Midwest knows that mosquito bites are impossible to 100% protect against. You're urged to use mosquito repellent and wear protective clothing, but that's not always practical.

The first hard frost of the year should kill off the mosquitoes, and then once again it will be safe to do those outdoor activities.

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