Riff Raff is a rapper and reality TV star from the MTV show "From G's to Gents". Apparently He lived in Duluth at one point in his life and even attended college in Minnesota.

My buddy Josh randomly dropped this knowledge on me and for some reason I knew this information and I'm not sure why I know it. Riff Raff is originally from Houston, TX and moved to Duluth after his parents divorced. In 2001, he apparently attended Hibbing Community College to major in liberal arts, but dropped out and moved back to Houston and slowly became who you see today.

Maybe you recognize him, maybe you don't. But I know him most from his group he formed with actors Simon Rex and Andy Milonakis called Three Loco or as they call themselves - "the Holy Trinity of hip-hop". Check out the NSFW video of the group below. Now you know a little random fact that you probably didn't need to know, but you're welcome.


Since we're talking about a celebrity that once called Duluth home, did you know about these celebs that were born in Minnesota?


Did you know these celebrities were born in Minnesota?

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