Rap mogul Diddy is mending a few bruises after his car accident in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Wednesday (Oct. 24). The music executive's Cadillac Escalade crashed into another vehicle in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Diddy wasn't seriously injured, but he was shaken up a bit. So much so that he had to lay on the lawn in front of the hotel in order to compose himself, according to TMZ. The other driver complained of pain but he refused medical treatment at the scene.

Judging by the photos, it's amazing that no one was seriously injured. Diddy's SUV is a total loss with its front bumper smashed to smithereens. The other vehicle, which looked like a silver-colored compact car, was severely dented on the passenger side. Police didn't write up a report and no citations were issued.

On Thursday (Oct. 25), Diddy went on Twitter to express his relief after surviving his near-fatal SUV accident.


We're are glad that Diddy and the other driver are okay. It's a miracle that no one was hospitalized.

Watch Video of Diddy Shaken Up From the Car Accident