Back in 1978 there was an atrocious Star Wars Holiday special. It was really something bizarre and strange, centered around Chewbacca's Wookie family celebrating "Life Day" on Kashykk. It was really awful. But, now Disney+ has another Star Wars Holiday Special available, this time being a Lego version. Could it be any good?

It was 47 minutes long so I decided to turn it on with the family last night. The special follows once again begins with celebrating "Life Day" on Kashykk. It does get better from there. The plot is that Rey is training Finn on how to become a Jedi. She feels like she is failing and is concerned that she doesn't know how to train him. She follows the Jedi scrolls which leader her to a device that can transport here through anywhere in time and space.

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The episode turns into being a trip through the greatest hits of Star Wars moments with Rey and Finn along with BB-8 experiencing iconic Star Wars battles. It's a fun ride down memory lane. There are some surprises, and it's an enjoyable watch if you are a Star Wars fan or not.

Lego Star Wars is always fun, and they really did a nice job with it. Lego Star Wars always have a fun, humorous feel to them. There are some genuine laughs for us Star Wars nerds, while this still doesn't come off as corny. It's really a well done holiday special that does the obligatory tip of the hat to the 1978 special, while simultaneously providing a pretty fun 47 minute special.

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