As if we didn’t hate DJ Pauly D enough for getting to meet our BFF (in our heads) Britney Spears when she asked him to DJ on her ‘Femme Fatale’ tour, but now he has high hopes of recording with the singer in a future collaboration. Some people are just so damn lucky, it’s unfair.

“I’m trying to get her to do a song. I’ve got my fingers crossed,” he said to MTV News at the MixTape Festival this past weekend in Hershey, Penn. ”It’s 50/50. It’s tough, but I got a perfect song for her. If that happens, that’s a wrap.”

But get this! Pauly D even let it slip that Queen B has already heard one of the possible tracks for his new album … and she told him via a phone call that she actually kind of dug it. ”‘I’ll listen to it,’” Pauly D said she told him during the call. “And then she listened to it … she likes it. She’ll let me know.”

All of this wouldn’t have happened for Pauly D, whose upcoming album is said to be a mix of David Guetta and DJ Khaled, without the help of 50 Cent, who signed him to his G-Unit label.

“He just told me that I’m down the right path. He told me that he’s staying near me because that’s where the heat is. He’s keeping warm,” he said. “But he also said, basically, be yourself and don’t ever change that.”

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