People in one Duluth neighborhood might see some heavy police activity this afternoon, but officials say there's nothing to worry about.

The Duluth Police Department shared on their social media account this morning (Monday, March 4) that the department's tactical response team will be conducting some training exercises later today that will look like real-life operations.

The department's tactical response team will be conducting training exercises on Monday afternoon that will "mimic actual tactical situations". These training exercises will be conducted in Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood.

According to the Duluth Police Department's policy manual, the tactical response team (TRT) is a team maintained with the main objective of "s a peaceful resolution of potentially violent situations". The document explains that the department is deployed "when deemed necessary to serve hazardous search/arrest warrants, resolve barricaded subjects, hostage situations, dignitary protection, violent offender apprehension, and other tasks beyond the scope of patrol officers."

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The Duluth Police Department says citizens may see and hear officers conducting "realistic operations" in and around the Lincoln Park neighborhood. These operations may include sights and sounds you might hear during an actual police operation.

The department explains in their social media post that they implement "extensive safety precautions" to ensure the safety not only of everyone involved in the exercises, but also for anyone in and around the area where the training will occur.

The department concluded its message by explaining that there is no risk to any citizens in the area during these training exercises - even if things may look or sound intense during the training.

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