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Will Drake's Dad Find Love on TV?

Dennis Graham, father of one of the biggest artists on the planet, Drake, is set to get his own reality dating show! He is reportedly in talks with networks like VICE and WeTV, and is expected to sign a deal sometime this month. The show will follow his lavish lifestyle living in LA as he tries to find someone to share it with. Will you tune in? (via TMZ)

Beware of Porch Pirates

The holiday season, a.k.a. "theft season," is here! Stolen packages are at an all time high this time of year. A new study found that 36 percent of Americans had packages stolen from their front porch in the past year. Of those people, 44 percent had a package stolen more than once! With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, and Christmas right around the corner, 92 percent of people plan to shop online this holiday. That means more packages delivered to front doors, so experts are suggesting you buy doorbells cameras ASAP. (via 6ABC)

Happy Sagittarius Season! 

We are finally out of Scorpio Season and have entered into Sagittarius Season! This next month is all about breaking cycles, finding your passion, and strengthening your most intimate bonds. This new season promises to have a more adventurous outlook. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter — the planet of luck, growth and expansion — so this next month we're expected to leave our comfort zones and experiment with different things we never thought we would try. Good luck! (via Cosmo)

Breakup Advice From Miley Cyrus' Ex, Kaitlynn Carter

If you're going through a breakup, this might help you. Kaitlynn Carter posted some breakup advice on her Instagram following her split from Miley Cyrus. See below (via Cosmo):

1) "Finding a friend(s) who let me text/call them any time to vent and run all my crazy thoughts by them."
2) "Not trying to date...I know that dating before I'm ready would've made things so much worse cause I would've just been trying to replace someone else and ended up disappointed."
3) "Finding a creative outlet to express myself...I wrote soooo much about all kinds of things."
4) "Exercise and meditation."
5) "Practicing understanding and compassion...it's hard to be angry when you empathize with someone. this has served me well in friendships and business too."
6) "MUSIC."
7) "Don't feel rushed to feel better. you WILL feel better. it just takes time."

Doctor Saves Man's Life by Sucking Urine Out of His Bladder During Flight

Warning: Not for sensitive readers...

A doctor save a man's life aboard a plane by sucking urine from the man's bladder for almost 40 minutes straight. During a flight to New York last week, an elderly passenger began complaining of severe pain in his stomach as it had begun to swell. Thankfully, vascular surgeon Zhang Hong was on the flight and he was able to quickly determine that the man had around a liter of urine trapped in his bladder, but wasn't able to pee it out. So, using tools on board, the doctor spent the next 37 minutes sucking the man's urine out of his bladder through a tube, spitting it into an empty wine bottle and glass. (via TooFab)

Prince Andrew Steps Down from Royal Duties

Whew okay! Let's unpack all this royal family drama and the  terrible allegations surrounding Prince Andrew and his sexual coercion of a 17 year old girl. First of all the age of consent on the u.k is 16 but everything took a turn when Prince Andrew, the Duke of York stepped down from his royal duties with the queens permission. Prince Andrew was associated with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Legal documents related to Epstein’s case were unsealed on August 10,and they contain allegations that Epstein directed then-17-year-old girl into sexual encounters with Prince Andrew. Now its being said that Megan Markel has spoke on this matter and is horrified by the manner in which Prince Andrew dismissed allegations that he had sex with a teenager. Click here for more. (via Cosmo)

Sam Hunt Speaks Out About His DUI

See his statement, below.

Dog Puts Car into Reverse and Drives in Circles for Hours

This kind of stuff only happens in Florida, of course! (via CNN)

Celebrity Breakups of 2019

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