Heading to the theater and checking out a movie just got a couple big upgrades. The Duluth Cinema in Canal Park held a press event earlier today (June 27) to unveil their all-new full entertainment experience, including  more food choices, a bar, and the new UltraScreen theater.

Representatives from Marcus Theatres, who own the complex, explained their goal is to provide a full entertainment experience with the upgraded facility. The first part of the experience is the Take Five Lounge, furnished with tables and leather chairs. Take Five will offer cocktails, appetizers, pizza, and other finger foods. Drinks purchased from the lounge may be taken to any of the movies showing in the complex. Check out photos of Take Five in the gallery above.

Movie viewing has been enhanced at the facility with the new UltraScreen theater, offering a 65 foot-wide, 3-story tall screen and 7.1 surround sound. Further enhancing the experience, some of the theater seating has been equipped with D-BOX motion seat technology, further immersing viewers in the movie.

A total of 240 seats are available in this new theater, with 30 of those seats offering the D-BOX experience. I had the opportunity to visit with Guy Marcoux, Vice President of D-BOX about the viewer experience in the video below. He explained the painstaking process that goes in to providing every subtle detail in "feeling" the movie as you watch it.

I can personally attest to the subtleties and detail in the motion and vibration of the D-BOX seats. In a short demo, I had the opportunity to experience the seats and what they add to the movie. The experience is not meant to be like a thrill ride, with jolting movements; but rather a subtle, yet powerful addition to the movie.

To check out a movie on the new UltraScreen, it is only $2 more than a regular ticket for a standard showing of the movie. To get the full D-BOX experience, it is $8 more than a standard ticket. The new D-BOX seat equipped UltraScreen will open with two highly-anticipated action movies. The Amazing Spiderman will be first in the lineup starting July 3, and The Dark Knight Rises will follow later in July.


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