With the recent snowstorms that have hit the area The Duluth Fire Department reminds residents how important it is to keep hydrants clear of snow and ice. Time is of the essence in a fire and if a truck pulls up and has to shovel out the hydrant precious time will be lost. The fire department recommends a 3 foot radius be cleared around the entire hydrant.

Bryan Hanson, a firefighter with the Duluth Fire Department, said to WDIO "It’s one less thing that we have to take care of. Shovel them out, plus they’re easier to see so we can find them quicker and hook up to them quicker and begin firefighting operations quicker,”

As I drive around the city I have noticed some hydrants that are buried in the snow which seems like an obvious hazard. If you would like to adopt a hydrant in your neighborhood you can call the Public Works and Utilities Department at 218-730-4130.

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