A 27-year man Levi James Arneberg has been charged with four counts of gross misdemeanor animal cruelty after he allegedly shot his roommate's four pet ferrets following an argument. According to the criminal complaint: the incident took place on January 18 around 12:24 pm when police arrived on the scene at 5 North 23 Avenue East in Duluth with the report of a disturbance between two roommates.

One of his roommates who is in his 50's called the police to report that when he got home from work all of his belongings had been thrown out into the yard. Apparently, the night before the victim and Arneberg had gotten into a verbal argument over a shared space in the apartment. Arenberg grabbed a knife and stated that it would be bad if one of the ferrets got hurt and then told the victim to "Get The "F" out!

When police arrived they found blood all over the apartment on the walls, floors, stairs, and in the ferret's cage. When police confronted Arnenberg he said: "Dude, I killed his ferrets. Give me a break." He later said he killed them because "They smell like s***." He told police that he killed them with a BB Gun and put them in the woods.

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Arneberg was booked into jail on January 18 and his bail was set at $20,000. During his hearing, the St. Louis County Prosecutor said Arneberg's behavior was "concerning" and requested that he receive a mental health and chemical dependency screening as part of any conditional release. Arneberg remains in jail on an alleged probation violation. His next hearing date is February 14. For more on the story go to Bring Me The News. 

What a tragic ending to an obvious volatile situation and for that man who had his pets slaughtered is absolutely horrifying. Hopefully, Arneberg will get the help that he needs and his roommate will heal from this experience with time.

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