Superior Street has a long history. Considered one of two main roads, Lake Avenue and Superior Street were the original starting points to start numbering streets and avenues in Duluth.

In one form or another, Superior Street has been around for over 100 years, much of the time since Duluth incorporated in 1878. During the multi-year Superior Street Reconstruction Project, officials say they dug up a bunch of history over the years that had been buried. From horse and buggy to street cars to modern automobiles, this road has seen just about all of it through the years.

Duluth started from a bunch of fur traders and Vikings (not the purple-horned players of the NFL) who came to the area. Many things are named for them, but not Superior Street. Duluth History has pictures of what happened to build the city. Buildings that were made, ships, the port, the Aerial Lift Bridge, but nothing mentions when people used Superior Street or Lake Avenue.

The Incline was used by many to get up the hills of Duluth and take people up and down. Horse and carriage brought people from East to West to the city for shipping, fur, and other trades in the new city of Duluth.

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Duluth has changed so much from that small city with a couple of buildings and hotels to what it is today. What's amazing to me is just how much it has changed in the last decade or so. Efforts to revitalize the downtown, from re-doing the street itself to businesses coming into the area, has led to a lot of in just the last handful of years alone.


Take a trip down memory lane, checking out some of the changes from recent history on the main artery through Downtown Duluth.

Then + Now: See How Much Superior Street Has Changed Over The Years

Superior Street, one of Duluth's main roads, has a rich story spanning over the history of the city. Here's how things have changed over the last several years.

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