This isn't something that happens everyday - thankfully! Duluth felt as cold as parts of Antarctica on Thursday (January 16th).

A cold snap swept (and is still sweeping) across the Northland, dropping temperatures well below zero to start. Factor in blustery winds and we got wind chill values up to forty below zero.

A graphic shared by WDIO Meteorologist Taylor Dayton shows just how cold it got across the area early Thursday. Take a look at these wind chill values across Northern Minnesota:

Although this is nothing new, it kind of reminded me of the arctic. That's when I started wondering just how cold it felt in Antarctica. I did a quick search to see the temperature in the South Pole and for Thursday afternoon, it was 13 below and felt like 37 below. 

There ya have it! Thanks to wind chill values, Duluth felt just as cold as the South Pole on Thursday. Here's to hoping this isn't a new trend.

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