According to GoPetFriendly.Com Duluth has been voted the Best City in the Country for pet travelers. Loyal fans from 64 different cities entered the competition across the U.S. and Canada.

As the votes were eventually narrowed down the top 2 cities left were St. George Island, Florida and Duluth, Minnesota in the finals. Now we all know how passionate people around here can get when it comes to Duluth and contests, a lot of pride is on the line, along wth a lot of trophies and certificates.

Apparently Duluth had a pretty significant lead for the most part but things got close near the end and when time ran out Duluth beat St. George Island by only 2 votes! But hey we will take it, a win is a win. As an owner of 2 dogs it is nice to know that so many hotels here are so accommodating to pets, because as most people know trying to rent a place in duluth with a dog or a cat is a total nightmare.

Add another award to the City of Duluth trophy case!

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