Duluth Mayor Emily Larson shared Wednesday a plan to use the new color-changing lighting on the Aerial Lift Bridge to honor the graduating classes of Duluth high schools and colleges over the course of the next month.

While city officials announced at the beginning of April that they would use the newly-installed LED lighting to make the landmark purple "for the foreseeable future", they are taking advantage of the new capabilities through the COVID-19 outbreak. On April 9, the Lift Bridge and Enger Tower participated in the nationwide #LightItBlue campaign for doctors, nurses, and frontline workers. Now, they will dedicate a series of nights to Duluth high schools and colleges.

Mayor Larson shared in her announcement, saying “In honor of all of our graduates, I have decided to light the Aerial Lift Bridge to reflect the pride this community feels for our graduates. We hope that this signals how proud we are of them, and believe in their bright future.”

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Each high school and college will have a dedicated night, giving each school and graduating class an evening to be honored by one of the city's most recognizable landmarks being lit in their school's colors. The schedule kicks off on Saturday, May 9, and continues with designated nights through June 7.

Here is the schedule of nights for each Duluth school and colors the will light the bridge:

  • May 9 - UMD - Maroon and gold
  • May 10 - CSS - Blue and gold
  • May 18 - LSC - Teal blue
  • June 2 - ALC - Royal blue
  • June 3 - Duluth East - Red
  • June 4 - Duluth Denfeld - Maroon and gold
  • June 5 - Lakeview Christian Academy - Blue
  • June 6 - Harbor City - Blue and white
  • June 7 - Marshall - Gold

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