So while we sat waiting for another award to be given out or another performance to be announced, we were greeted once again by our lovely MuchMusic Video Award hosts LMFAO. Oh, and to add excitement, they decided to bring out Darren Criss from ‘Glee,’ who gave a quasi-performance of the duo’s ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’ as it would be performed on Broadway, to announce the next performer.

But on to the actual perfomance! Ed Sheeran, equipped only with his guitar and dressed as if he was playing for a coffee house, performed his song ‘The A Team,’ a sweet, melodic tune he wrote three years ago after visiting a homeless shelter. Although the song is quite melancholy, it was a wonderful way to slow down the otherwise action-packed performances at the 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards, and Sheeran’s voice sounded absolutely beautiful.

“‘The A Team’ came from an experience I had when I did a gig at a homeless shelter,” said Sheeran to Billboard. “I was 18 at the time and kind of quite naïve. So, I was a bit taken aback by some of the stories that I heard. I got home that night and I just wrote a lot of the lyrics. I wanted to write it so it sounded kind of upbeat, so you wouldn’t really know what it’s about, because it’s quite a dark subject.”

“A drug like crack cocaine is called a ‘class A’ drug. That’s in the same category as heroin,” Sheeran also said of the song’s title. “Instead of making it clear and just saying what the problem was, I’d say, ‘She’s in the ‘class A’ team.’ It was kind of my way of covering up (a person’s addiction), I guess, making it a bit more subtle.”

Watch Ed Sheeran Perform ‘The A Team’ at the 2012 MMVAs

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