A Milwaukee TV reporter was out and about in Waukesha which is a MIlwaukee Suburb talking to people about the latest storm in the area and snow removal, when he hit the jackpot with Judy Ross who happened to be out shoveling her driveway.


I think we are all feeling the same as Judy with the most snow we have seen in the Twin Ports in 6 years. Seeing this video of her out shoveling away makes me feel awfully lazy. Judy has become somewhat of a local celebrity with her video having
over 800,000 views as of last week.  Not sure If Judy is on Facebook but I am pretty sure someone in her family gave her a heads up that she has become an internet sensation, she even was mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Puxatawny Phil did see his shadow so fingers crossed for an early Spring, but for all of you who love winter and all the snow I hope you have enjoyed it this year, cause Judy and I both want it gone!



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