We've been following the Minnesota Vikings playoff chances this year. A couple of weeks ago they were at their highest chance of entering the postseason. According to FiveThirtyEight.com they were at a 37% chance of making the postseason. However, they lost the next week and seemed to lose the momentum they had.

This last Sunday they had a narrow win against Teddy Bridgewater and the Carolina Panthers where they squeaked by 28-27. Even with this close win, the Purple and Gold now are only at a 30% chance of making the playoffs. Winning the division is basically out of the question for the 5-6 team, with only a 1% chance. To be honest, after that brutal start to the season I only gave the Vikings a 1% chance of even have a .500 season, which seems like it could be possible.

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Around the league it's starting to look like the playoffs will include the Kansas City Cheifs, New Orlean Saints, Pittsburg Steelers, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, and Buffallo Bills all with a better than 92% chance or better of making the playoffs.

While the Vikings have looked sharp in a few contests this year, including beating the Green Bay Packers on November 1, I still don't think this team can compete with those listed above. We'll see what this Sunday brings as they should easily beat the Jacksonville Jaguars who have a terrible 1-10 record. That being said, we've played not so great teams this year like the Cowboys and still managed to lose.

You can hear the game right here on The Northland Fan on 106.5FM and 560AM WEBC this Sunday with pregame starting at 10am.

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