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Sean Morey is a comedian known for his comedic songs. He is mostly know for the “man song.” He has been on Jay Leno many times and toured around the country.

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Listen to Sean Morey "I Think It's Gonna Be A Great Day"

Listen to Sean Morey "I Think It's Gonna Be A Bad Day"

Listen to Sean Morey "The Man Song"

Sean Has Performed On:

- The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
- The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
- CNN Showbiz Today
- Evening at the Improv
- The Crystal Gayle Special
- Make Me Laugh!
- Showtime's "Laffathon"
- Showtime's "A Night of at Least a Dozen Stars"
- Showtime's "A Day in the Life of Hollywood"
- Showtime's Comedy Club Network
- Comic Strip Live
- Comedy Tonight
- Comedy Express
- Comics Only
- The Big Show
- The Alan Thicke Show
- The Wil Shriner Show
- The Merv Griffin Show
- The Mike Douglas Show
- America's Funniest Home Videos
- Easter Seals Telethon
- AM Los Angeles

Sean Has Performed With:

- Robin Williams
- Ray Charles
- Dionne Warwick
- Billy Crystal
- Chevy Chase
- Crystal Gayle
- Whoopie Goldberg
- Jerry Seinfeld
- Dave Mason
- Jay Leno
- George Carlin
- Richard Pryor
- Robert Goulet
- Lou Rawls
- Ben Vareen
- Vic Damone
- Herbie Hancock
- Don McLean
- The Pointer Sisters