The 1990s (and early 2000s) were alive and well on Friday night for Grandma's Marathon Weekend 2017 as organizers welcomed rockers Everclear and opening acts Vertical Horizon and Fastball. A crowd of hundreds of fans filled the tent in Canal Park as the three musical acts played 1990s and 2000s hits as part of Everclear's "So Much For The Afterglow" 20th Anniversary tour.

Opening act Fastball warmed up the crowd with songs that included their hits "The Way", "Out of My Head", and "Fire Escape". East Coast alt-rockers Vertical Horizon followed up, offering a few deep cuts and new songs, as well as hits like "Everything You Want" and "You're A God".

Closing out the evening, headlining act Everclear cranked up the energy, emphasizing songs like "Father of Mine", and "I Will Buy You a New Life" from their 1997 album "So Much For The Afterglow". While much of the set held to focusing on the album for which the tour is named, they veered away to play hits like "Wonderful" and "AM Radio".

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