Farrah Franklin (second from left in the picture above), who was once a member of Destiny's Child, was arrested for disorderly conduct early Sunday morning, reports TMZ.

Franklin was booked into the Horry County Detention Center in Conway around 5 AM. The site says that alcohol played a part in her arrest.

In April 2011, Franklin was arrested in Culver City, Calif. for disorderly conduct as well. Franklin maintained hat she was mishandled and racially profiled, but the site claimed that police had taken her in as a result of a neighbor's complaint of disorderly conduct.

Franklin was a member of Destiny's Child for five months before she was reportedly fired from the group. She appeared in the music videos for 'Say My Name' and 'Jumpin, Jumpin' before she was dismissed. Beyonce went on record to MTV as saying Franklin had missed three major promotional appearances which contributed to the split.

After Franklin left the group, Destiny's Child solidified the trio that became Beyonce, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

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