For someone who insists he didn't throw a punch, Chris Brown sure doesn't look it.

The singer, dancer, Rihanna jumpoff and notorious hothead was spotted with a cast on his right hand following his fight with Frank Ocean. Or was it from those pesky nails?

Brown was photographed leaving his house earlier today (Jan. 29) with a hard cast covering most of his right hand over his knuckles.

While Brown insists the fight was between members of the singers' respective entourages, a witness told TMZ that Brown actually started the whole thing by taking a swing at Ocean.

Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, obtained video surveillance from the fight that he insists clears Brown's name. However, there are a few caveats: One, the footage only covers what went down in the Westlake Recording Studio lobby -- not the parking lot where it all began.

Two, it also exonerates Ocean, who isn't shown to hit anyone.

Three, the footage is said to prove that the melee was between the crews of Brown and Ocean ... once again, over a parking space. If you are the company that you keep, just about everyone involved in this is an asshat.

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