Kids will get an escape from boredom this spring bring with free sports programs being offered at the Heritage Center.

During the week of April 4th-8th, from 12-2pm kids can participate in non-traditional sports and skills introduction. The Heritage Center is located at 120 S. 30th Ave. Wand will have a different activity every day:

  • Monday - Golf with Enger/Lester Golf Pros
  • Tuesday - LaCrosse with UMD Men's Team
  • Wednesday - Rugby with YMCA Rookie Rugby
  • Thursday - Disc Golf with area course enthusiasts
  • Friday - Ultimate Frisbee with UMD Mens's Norther Lights & UMD Women's LakEFFECT Teams.

Again, these events are all free, so take advantage of spring break and let the kids have some fun.