The Park Point 5 Mile Run or 2 Mile Walk will be held on Thursday July 13th from 6-9pm at Park Point Beach.

This fantastic event is not only a great family friendly race but also an important fundraiser for The Young Athletes Foundation. The Young Athletes Foundation was created back in 1990 by Grandmas Marathon to help support young athletes.

When our kids were younger we would bring them to Wednesday Night at The Races, (just one of many events put on by Y.A.F.) our boys loved it and were so proud of themselves to get a ribbon after each race. And at the race at the end of summer, they would get a medal, a t-shirt and some free food. It did not get much better than that for them and it is so much fun to watch these kids run their hearts out.

The Park Point 5 Miler also has a special race for kids 14 and under which is free. You can pre-register or register the day of the event from 3-6pm at the Park Point Pavillion. For more information CLICK HERE


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