Away with you, fancy restaurants. Go to hell, craft cocktails at exclusive speakeasies. All Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik need to make date night memorable is cookies and coffee, I guess, which is what people who don't have any money defer to out of necessity. Nice!

In a new interview with British VogueHadid says romance means taking the pressure off of extravagant romantic gestures and settling into something comfortable. The good news is that's what it'll all boil down to eventually, anyway!

"When I’m in LA I mostly stay in because it’s my time off and I like being with my boyfriend and doing art and cooking," she said. "We like late-night movies and we order from this amazing place that does lattes and gingerbread cookies. I need coffee to stay up. I’m always like, ‘Babe, let’s go to a movie.’ Then I fall asleep halfway through and he’s like, ‘You’ve seen the first half of every movie out there and you have no idea how any of them end.'"

Yes, Zayn and Gigi are basically your friendly neighborhood undergrad liberal arts majors. Poetry reading on the quad later? Let's definitely not count it out.

Hadid also reflected on the first time she appeared on the British Vogue cover — it was the September 2015 issue and included her open letter on what it's like to be body-shamed in the public eye.

"The response was crazy," she said. "From Victoria’s Secret Angels to my friends who are considered plus size, everyone texted me and said they appreciated me saying something. The world puts so much pressure on fashion, then judges models for succumbing to that pressure."

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