Girl Meets World fans suffered a heavy blow earlier this month when news broke the show would not be renewed for a Season 4. But according to its creator, Michael Jacobs, there may be some life left in the series after all.

Jacobs told TVLine there's a possibility Girl Meets World could be picked up on another network, though nothing is quite concrete as of right now.

“There are talks underway, but we’re at the very very beginning stages,” he said before noting the high demand from devoted fans could ultimately save the series from total cancelation.

“I can tell you it’s because of the audience’s reaction to the cancellation that there is interest in other places," he continued. "For anyone in show business, if you ask them why they’re doing something and they say they’re doing it for themselves, they won’t sustain long. Those that answer ‘We’re doing it for the audience’ and mean it, they sustain.”

Jacobs says the fans’ self-created paper airplane campaign -- which is geared toward Netflix, Hulu and the Disney Channel to pick up the show -- propelled interest in a possible renewal on another network.

“Networks want to do something to gather an audience,” he noted. “The fact that there is an audience who’s been so loyal says a lot."

A renewal would be good news for Girl Meets World stars Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter, who both commented publicly on the series cancellation revelation last week.

The final (for now) episode of Girl Meets World -- aptly titled "Girl Meets Goodbye" -- will air on January 20 at 6PM EST on the Disney Channel.

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