Another one in the books! A record breaking year for the Men's Full Marathon, personal bests from so many runners, along with a record crowd cheering from the sidelines.

The sidelines is where I am always at for the marathon, the stranger clapping and yelling words of encouragement as you run by. Some people acknowledge with a wave or a smiles, some keep a stoic look forward compelling their legs and arms to keep moving. I have been at various locations all over the course, and I must say being just outside the finish lines is probably my favorite.

So close to the end of a huge accomplishment, with family and friends holding up signs, swing their cowbells or just trying to get a quick picture on their camera for posterity sake. The look on the runners faces as they see a loved one or two in the crowd is the best ever. Little kids cheering on Mom or Dad, a father running alongside his daughter for a quick moment yelling out words of encouragement.

This is what makes Grandmas Marathon so special to the non-runner. We may not be pleased with 50 degrees and over cast skies, but we know that is an ideal running day for all of you. Thank you to all the strangers who I saw dotted all along the road for your enthusiasm, to the volunteers who would stand in place for hours to hand out water, and to everyone who makes this event possible. For those few hours every year we are all family, bonded together by a world class event!