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Hailee Steinfeld Teases New Album

On Monday (April 27), the artist dropped the track list for her upcoming album, Half Written Story. The mini-album will be out May 8 and will feature five songs.

Americans Have Bags Packed and Ready for End of Quarantine 

In a survey of 30,000 Americans, 46% said they are set to travel once the coronavirus quarantine is lifted. While some expressed they would wait some time after social distancing concludes before they travel, many are set to go right away. Visiting friends and family, as well as leisure travel, are all on to-do lists. (via PIPLSAY)

Bouquets May Be in Short Supply for Mother's Day

The upcoming holiday is well known for its abundance of floral arrangements and greeting cards, but this year may be a little different due to the coronavirus. This Mother's Day will likely see florists and farmers struggling amid a projected lower demand for floral arrangements. (via TMZ)

Man Walks Goldfish to Get Around Stay-at-Home Orders

Many cities have shut down all social activities and interactions and enforced stay-at-home orders, something which has prompted many to get creative with ways to escape their homes. In a tweet by the Spanish National Police, one man was shown to be walking a pet fish, bowl and all. Others, meanwhile, have actually dressed up in full-body animal costumes to go outside in. (via CNN)

Lysol Warns Against Injecting Their Products to Combat COVID-19

The makers of Lysol and Dettol products released a warning against using their products by ingesting of injection to prevent against COVID-19 after the President mused about such usage during a press briefing last week. (via TooFab)

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her New $36.5M Digs

Jenner's new estate in L.A. is a massive multi-million dollar complex fit for a superstar.  Check out shots of her new pad via TMZ!

New Yorkers' Quarantine Roof Activity Enchants Social Media

Check out what people do on nice days in the city during social distancing protocols in this uplifting viral video, below.

Celebrity Trio Sing and Drink in Their Bathrobes

Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski and Audra McDonald put together a little number that is a must see. Watch below! (via Cosmopolitan)

Chrissy Teigen Sets Twitter Trolls Straight

The celebrity shared her true feelings toward the insults circulating online about her figure. (via Cosmopolitan)

Canadian Stars Join Together To Lift Spirits and Raise Funds for COVID-19

Canadian artists like Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne came together to sing "Lean on Me" for charity. Watch below. (via People)

Stars Who Were Tested for the Coronavirus

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