'Baywatch' will never die out, as long as fans of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson still live and breathe. Now the franchise is getting some new life with a movie adaptation, although there's been talk of making one ever since the show ended its 11th season in 1999. But this time it's for real. Rumor has it that Paramount is finally making the necessary strides to put 'Baywatch' on the big screen by hiring a director, reportedly from the 'Reno 911!' family.

Vulture recently revealed that their "spies" at Paramount Pictures say Robert Ben Garant, the co-creator and one of the stars of 'Reno 911!,' has been tapped to make this movie a comedic take on the classic TV series in the same way 'Reno 911!' pokes fun at 'COPS.' As of now, Ben Garant is finishing up work on 'Hell Baby,' which he co-wrote and co-created with his buddy Thomas Lennon (also from the 'Reno' family).

'Rescue Me' creator Peter Tolan is said to be penning the script, while 'Stripes' director Ivan Reitman takes over production duties. As far as casting, the latest rumor is that heartthrob Justin Timberlake, who you can catch this weekend in 'Trouble with the Curve' starring Clint Eastwood,' is being looked at to portray a "disgraced former Olympic swimmer" who applies for the Baywatch team as a last resort, but it's said to be in the same realm as David Hasselhoff's former role.

What do you think? Now that we know the 'Baywatch' movie will be more of a spoof than anything else, are you more or less excited to go see it? Do you think Hasselhoff or one of the other former 'Baywatch' stars will have a cameo? Sound off in the comments!