The robocalls have been circulating again and in this settlement, you could get up to $300 for each call you received, with a maximum of $900 per phone. Check to see if your number is on the list.

Robocalls have been going on for awhile from many different companies. Thankfully in this lawsuit, there's a website that will easily tell you if your number is covered in this settlement. If you're wondering if your number made it, check for yourself here.

The class-action lawsuit is against Resort Marketing Group. They were illegally robocalling people on behalf of Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise lines without people’s consent. This settlement only applies to calls made from June of 2009 to March of 2014.

I was pumped because I've received this sort of robocall numerous times throughout the years, unfortunately my number was not on the list. Not everyone is guaranteed money in this settlement, but if you've been impacted, it is worth sharing that you are among the many that have been pestered by these calls.

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