According to WDIO a group of kids from the Hermantown Hockey Association were contacted to help dig out some major snow that had built up around the windows at Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living Facility in Hermantown. As the snow began to pile up near the windows of the facility, the residents were having trouble seeing out the windows and their bird feeders were buried as well.

Natalie Zelznikar who is the CEO at Keystone Bluffs, also is involved with the Hermantown Hockey Association so she decided to make a few phone calls to see if some of the kids could help out. They sure did as 40 players showed up with shovels in hand excited to help clear the snow and let the sun shine in.

Zelznikar said "Our residents were just so happy to see the sunlight again and it was a great way for them to give back to the residents. And they were looking out their windows, and they can see their bird feeders again!" What a great job done by all the kids and I am sure the residents are happy to see the snow moved out of the way.

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