The Hermantown Police Department posted a reminder of what a road closure is for drivers that seem to be confused by Midway Road's closure. There is construction underway for a roundabout at Midway Road and Highway 194. Apparently, drivers have been driving around the barricades and not following the detours.

The road closure began on June 13. In Just 6 days the Hermantown Police Department made 70 traffic stops and handed out 20 tickets to drivers. There also was a serious traffic accident that resulted in this.

Drivers have been driving around barricades, into ditches, and on the wrong side of the road. It's chaos up there.

A section of the road remains open for local traffic only. That's for residents that need to access their homes by using Midway Road. Obviously, some drivers are thrown for a loop by this and continue down the road even though it says local traffic only.

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The roundabout is scheduled to be completed in late August. At that point, we'll have a new problem for that area: people that still can't understand the simplicity of a roundabout. I remember when the roundabout was constructed on Midway Road and Maple Grove Road just a couple of years ago. I had an older gentlemen approach the roundabout and instead of yielding to me, he had a panicked look on his face and he hammered down the gas and sped through. Not smooth, dude.

I for one am glad that there will be a roundabout at the Hwy 194 and Midway Road intersection. I've been stopped by that stop light so many times where there hasn't been any cross traffic. Roundabouts save time.

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