One of the main arterial roadways in Cloquet might look a whole lot different in the future.  And as local and state agencies take a look at the future of Highway 33, they want your input and feedback.

The Arrowhead Regional Development Commission (ARDC) and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT) have started a study of the Highway 33 corridor that travels through Cloquet.  The ultimate final goal will be a Transportation Plan for the entire area.

One of the primary goals of the eventual plan is to evaluate pedestrian and bicycle safety along Highway 33.  Then, to roll the findings in future reconstruction plans.  Potential improvements could include accommodations for those alternative methods of transportation, along with safety improvements for vehicular traffic as well as aesthetic enhancements.

Community engagement is a key factor for both ARDC and MNDOT as they prepare the Transportation Plans.

That's why they have developed a website that details the "Cloquet Area Transportation Plan-Highway 33 Design".  Along with a project overview, the website walks the visitor through the entire process - from outlining "existing conditions", presenting a "project schedule", detailing collateral pieces (designs, maps, photos), and also providing for feedback and commentary.

In addition, MNDOT is hosting a Virtual Open House on the Transportation Plan, using an open-ended model; in other words, they're promoting visits to the website using traditional media and social media to encourage enough people to visit the site to gather quantifiable data results.

According to the timetable presented by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, a Final Concept Design will be completed by December 2022.  Any ground-breaking would happen after that date - once MNDOT has a chance to summarize the study.

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