Here we go again: a hit television show is ripping into Minnesota and it isn't the first time. Yup, I've written about this before.

I love crime dramas and really any drama shows in general. I have been binge-watching a show called 9-1-1 over the past few months. I am almost finished with it now and over the course of the few seasons, I have written many times about the digs they throw our way.

In case you don't watch the show, it centers around a group of first responders in Los Angeles. One of the main characters is from Minnesota on the show (and in real life as well, which was probably the reason for this.)

For that very reason, there are many jokes about Minnesota on the show and most center around said character. In one of the episodes, they even time travel to St. Paul and make many comments about how cold it is.

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In another episode, the character brings up something about St. Paul and mentions how it is a city, despite what people think. The rest of the cast responds with a "if you say so" sarcastically.

Now, the writers are back at it poking a little bit of fun at Minnesota and playing into the stereotypes about our state. In an episode near the end of the fourth season, which I just watched the other day, the whole city is in a frenzy trying to find a buried treasure.

The main character, Peter Nash, is also searching for the treasure several times throughout the episode and mentions at one point he would like to retire and go fishing. His wife asks if he even knows how and he responds with: well, I am from Minnesota.

The wife goes on to say that "she will take that as a yes" and walks away. They really love playing into these Minnesota stereotypes. Not everybody in Minnesota fishes or knows how to. There are plenty of other things they could have said but they went out of their way to make it part of the storyline. We can only laugh.

If you haven't watched the show, it is really good and I recommend it. I even enjoy that they make fun of us from time to time! They certainly aren't the first show to do so. Remember in the early seasons of Grey's Anatomy when one of the lead doctors went to work at the Mayo Clinic? It was painful how much they made fun of us!

We are also getting a little taste of fame as we speak as The Bachelorette airs its episodes filmed in Minnesota. In case you didn't know, the show filmed in our state for most of August and the episodes they filmed here are just starting to air. Go Minnesota!

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