Hoops Brewing In Canal Park is working on transforming some of the parking lot behind their building into an outdoor drinking area. Governor Walz announced that starting June 1 in Minnesota, bars and restaurants can serve customers outside and total is limited to 50 people, prompting Hoops to make these adjustments.

Dave Hoops, the owner of Hoops Brewing spoke with Fox21 saying " Doing this outdoors I think with the proper safety precautions I think it can work. This is real and I don’t really believe in taking a lot of unnecessary risks with people’s lives. We’re going to be careful, we’ll have masks and gloves. I’m a typical Minnesota I follow the rules what they’re given and go from there."

Hoops, is still waiting on approval from the city of Duluth and his landlord, but the plan is to use up 6-8 parking spaces so customers have plenty of distance from each other. The brewery recently gave away $15,000 worth of beer to first responders that was just sitting and eventually would have gone stale.

Now Hoops has a bunch of fresh beer with 28 different types on tap with one of the newer beers called "Driveway Beer" which seems appropriate with the outdoor set up. Dave explained that It’s a pale ale brew with grapefruit zest that he and his wife been enjoying while social distancing in their driveway.

Hoops went on to clarify that he will not be making any type of announcement on Monday saying they are open because things are still in the works but they hope to have the outdoor area done as soon as possible and then let people know. Stay Tuned for updates.

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