With a many consumers in the U.S. claiming that they will be doing a majority of their Holiday shopping on-line this can make you extra vulnerable.

We all love the convenience of shopping on line, but I like to keep a balance and look for items at my favorite stores as well. Well, when I shop, but one thing that I definitely try to stay on top of is security. Unfortunately though many people are lurking out there waiting to steal from you and make your life pretty miserable in the process. Be smart and be pro active so your holiday does not turn into a nightmare.

1.) Beware of Bogus Websites-Don't be fooled by all the colors and great deals. It is to good to be true.

2.) Digital greeting cards loaded with merry malware: Yep it exists and down goes your computer.

3.) Giving up personal information just to be able to buy something: Be careful , you should not have to do this to make a purchase with most sites!

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