It seems like strange and unique houses are all the rage these days, from a LEGO-themed house hitting the market in Kenosha, Wisconsin recently to an underground hobbit home in River Falls.

Whether a trend or a coincidence, it seems cool homes are all the rage right now, including a home that just hit the market earlier in October. While it isn't the wildest home you'll ever see, it is certainly unique.

The home is half castle, half normal home with goth decor. (It is even called the "Goth Castle" by the previous owners, with a big neon sign plastered across the kitchen saying those very two words.)

I saw the listing in a Facebook group I am in and found the home on Zillow. It is actually a pretty big, nice house with a touch of gothic flair! The home is just over a million bucks and is located in Hudson, Wisconsin.

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The home is seven bedrooms and four bathrooms. It also has a flair of old luxury, having been built in 1900. It has two large updated kitchens, which are spared from the goth castle theme, and large living areas. It also has a pool and large entertaining area outside.

It is located near the famous St. Croix River as well and can double as a rental property. I like that it is a fancy home with a little bit of a goth flair. It is certainly unlike any other home I have seen on the market lately!

The exact address is 1031 2nd Street, for the record. Take a tour of the home and all its glory below!

Tour A 1900 Gothic Castle In Hudson, Wisconsin

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