I put my mask on Friday and headed out to the grocery store. I've tried my best to limit my trips so I buy usually double what I normally do. On the list for this week was the ingredients to make eggs benedict for my wife for Mother's Day. I'll admit that for the hollandaise sauce I usually just buy the sauce packet. It tastes good, it's easy, and who's got time to make it?

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I spent 10 minutes looking through the gravy packet aisle trying to find some. I thought I was just blind, but that's when I notice and empty row. The price sticker confirmed that it was where the hollandaise sauce was supposed to be. Seriously, how are we out of this? How often do people use hollandaise sauce?

I quick googled a home made recipe for hollandaise and got what I needed for that.  It wasn't a big deal, but it just surprised me.

But, it doesn't end there. Later that day I was in a different part of town when I realized I forgot some other key things for Mother's Day that the kids wanted to get mom. I swung into another grocery store and picked up some of the stuff and thought I'd just grab a packet of sauce. I couldn't imagine that both stores would be out.

They were. Again, the hollandaise sauce area was empty. We're dealing with meat shortages, toilet paper shortages, lysol shortages, and hand sanitizer shortages. It's really a strange feeling to go to the grocery store for routine things and wonder if you'll find it.

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