Iggy Azalea is not having a good year. The Aussie rapper is being sued for $1.5 million by a Grammy-winning producer.

The lawsuit comes by way of Jon Jon Traxx, an Atlanta producer who helped the 25-year-old rapper get her start in the music business. According to TMZ, Traxx says that the two had a deal back in 2009 where Traxx "nurtured" her career by "setting up shows, getting her a stylist and introducing her to influential record biz execs."

But it all went down the drain when Azalea signed a deal with Def Jam and subsequently blew up. Although their contract was supposed to be terminated in 2013, it came with a few stipulations aka Traxx wanted to continue the cash flow his way.

But Azalea left him in the dust and he has yet to receive his cut.

The hits just keep on coming for Azalea. Her latest singles "Azillion" and "Team" have yet to take off like her massive hit "Fancy."

This isn't the only legal problem facing Iggy. The "Work" rapper was hit with a $391,000 tax lien.

On top of that, Azalea's fiance, NBA player Nick Young, admitted to cheating on her multiple times in a secretly recorded video. Azalea also got stung by the BeyHive after she tried to start up a public outcry for term "becky" after its use in Beyonce's song, "Sorry."

Hopefully, Iggy Azalea can recover from all of this and get back to making hit songs.

What do you think of the latest lawsuit? Will Azalea have to pay up or is she good? Tell us in the comments below.

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