Those of us that live in Minnesota and Wisconsin seem to believe that we are better drivers than others around the country. Beside handling the slick and snowy roads of winter, we have a lot of deer to dodge on the roadway. While it seems like we might live in the two states where the most deer-related road accidents happen, is this actually true?

State Farm Insurance analyzed deer accident reports and other related data to offer statistics that show your odds of hitting a deer based on what state you're in. Among their findings, they offered data (via that shows 1.23 million collisions between deer and vehicles between July 1, 2011, and June 30, 2012. That's up 7.7 percent from the previous one-year period.

So, the questions remain: In what state are you most likely to hit a deer? Where do Minnesota and Wisconsin rank? Here are the top 10 states according to State Farm:

1) West Virginia - 1 in 40 odds
2) South Dakota - 1 in 68 odds
3) Michigan (tie) - 1 in 72 odds
4) Iowa (tie) - 1 in 72 odds
5) Pennsylvania - 1 in 76 odds
6) Montana - 1 in 78 odds
7) Wisconsin - 1 in 79 odds
8) Minnesota - 1 in 80 odds
9) Arkansas - 1 in 102 odds
10) Virginia - 1 in 103 odds

Here is a map of how each state in the country ranks in the country.

State Farm Insurance Company

Of note, Hawaii's odds are extremely low: 1 in 6,801 - significantly lower than any other state in the country. Chock that up as another perk to living among the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.