Some people in Minnesota are not happy about the new Minnesota State Flag, so much so that a protest is planned at the State Capital in an effort to stop the new design from flying in the state.

The new Minnesota State Flag design was finalized and announced to the public back in December, the new flag along with a new design for the state seal will become official on May 11th, Minnesota's statehood day. That is unless a group of vocal citizens and politicians have their way and block the adoption of the new designs.


Why Are People Fighting About The New Minnesota Flag?

Like many things, this issue has become purely political, with Democrats calling the original design racist, and Republicans saying that Democrats are just trying to erase history.

Republican Senator Torrey Westrom of Alexandria is one of the people leading this charge, saying, "Many Minnesotans are concerned with getting rid of our old state flag. I am also troubled by Democrats’ attempts to erase our state’s history, and I strongly believe we need to preserve this important piece of our heritage."

Westrom posted one of the most cringy political videos I've ever seen on Facebook encouraging people to support his effort in saving the original flag.

When and Where is The Minnesota State Flag Protest?

The protest in support of ditching the new design and keeping the original flag is scheduled to happen Tuesday, March 5th on the steps of the Minnesota State Capital from noon until 1:30 PM.

10 Hilarious Submissions for New Minnesota State Flag

The state of Minnesota is in the process of updating the state flag and state emblem, the public was allowed to submit design ideas, and some of them are hilarious.

Gallery Credit: Tony Hart

The Top 6 Designs Picked for New Minnesota State Flag

After sifting through over 2100 entries, the State Emblems Redesign Commission has come up with its list of 6 finalists, one will become the official Minnesota State Flag by the end of the year.

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