I think I say this every year but truly, 2023 has been an odd year so far when it comes to things that are making headlines. From motorists throwing cheese at other cars to a granny getting pulled over for going under the speed limit, there is plenty of things that have made me scratch my head so far this year.

In honor of some of these headlines, I rounded up ten of the strangest crime stories from the first three months of 2023. While I am sure there are many more odd crime stories to come, these ones are definitely ones for the books, for better or for worse.

While most of these stories are from Minnesota, Wisconsin also made the cut this time around and surprisingly, that crime story has nothing to do with the whole cheese thing mentioned earlier.

Some of these stories are also winter-related, as we all know that long and cold winters make us all go a little stir crazy. Whatever the reason behind some of these crimes, they all have one thing in common: they are not your everyday, average crime story. Buckle up because these are pretty out there!

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Take a look at these stories and stay tuned. You never know what else will pop up over the next few months. It will be hard to top these very strange stories but only time will tell.

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