Here's a fresh take on an old scam! The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be aware of a new scam that is making its way all across the a nation. It might sound familiar to you if you somehow keep up with all the scams going around these days.

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This warning was issued earlier this month, with the Better Business Bureau warning that this scam could really get you, even if you are smart about these types of things. Why? Because it seemingly involves one of your close friends!

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In fact, this scam is so convincing that a member of the Better Business Bureau staff almost fell for it! It starts with an email that appears to be from a close friend seemingly sent from an iPhone. It says that they need a quick favor, creating a sense of urgency.

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From there, because you think this really is an email from your close friend, you ask what they need. The scammer responds right away and says they are having trouble purchasing a gift card for their niece's birthday and asks if you can pick one up for them instead.

While there are many red flags here, you may not realize it because it seems so casual and you think you are talking to your friend! From there, the scammer asks that you share the gift card information to them since they can't meet up. They then use the gift card and you are out the money you spent on this.

Anytime someone asks for a gift card, you can probably guess that it is a scam, whether it is in a situation like this one or whether it is someone asking for payment in the form of a gift card.

SCAM: Beware Of This Gift Card Scam In Minnesota + Wisconsin

If you have a close friend emailing you and it sounds something like this, call them up or text them instead and make sure it is legitimate! It will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. I wonder what scammers will come up with next.

As of now, there has been no reports of this scam in Minnesota and Wisconsin but if it can happen in one place, it can definitely happen anywhere! Be cautious out there.

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