Just reading this will make you hungry so consider yourself warned. It looks like a new restaurant is opening in the Lincoln Park area of Duluth and by the sounds of it, it is going to be an incredible addition to the area.

The spot will sell burgers and beer, according to Perfect Duluth Day. It will be called Burger Paradox and located in the former Coach's Bar and Grill location along Superior Street. I didn't know that the bar and grill had closed down until I learned about the new restaurant that will be taking over.

The exact address of the new spot will be 2113 West Superior Street and the burgers will be anything but ordinary, with high-quality ingredients but also at a price that is affordable, according to the report on the new restaurant.

There will also be sides, like french fries, Brussels sprouts and other classics. The new spot will seat seventy people and I am already excited to dive in and try it out! Lincoln Park is definitely having a renaissance of sorts over the past few years and this will only add to that.

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We will learn more details as the new restaurant gets closer to opening up, including an opening date and more about the menu! As for the old Coach's Bar and Grill, the last time they posted was late last year and did not announce why they closed.

The new Lincoln Park addition will be down near the Salvation Army. Some may know it more as the former Mitch's Bar & Grill, located next to what used to be the West End Thrift Store. It should also be noted that this spot will be owned by the same company as Duluth Grill and OMC Smokehouse so you know it is going to be incredible.

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