If you need another spot to get your daily caffeine fix, we have you covered. I was driving in Hermantown the other day when I noticed a small building under construction. As a Caribou Coffee fanatic myself, I thought it looked like one of those cute Caribou 'Cabin' locations that have been popping up all over Minnesota & the midwest over the past few years. (Hey, even Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher love Caribou!)

Is another Caribou Coffee coming to the Duluth area?

I decided to do some poking around to see if this was true and all the signs are pointing to yes! One Hermantown Facebook group has been talking about this new location since August, with several residents confirming they talked to construction workers with the project who confirmed it is indeed another Caribou Coffee 'Cabin' store.

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The details are confirmed online as well, with the Construction Journal laying out all the information that is public record about the new location. The store will be located near Do North Pizzera & Pub and the strip that includes Mainstream Boutique and McKenzie's Bar & Grill. The exact address is 5601 Miller Trunk Highway.

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What else do we know about the new location?

Construction Journal has a few other tidbits regarding the new location, including that construction began in August. As mentioned, this is also Caribou 'Cabin' location which means it will not have indoor seating. It will have twelve parking spaces, a drive-thru and a walk-up window.

The new store is also hiring, with the new location being confirmed once again with a job posting for a shift leader. Whether you are looking for a job like this or you just want more confirmation that the new location is coming, you're all set.

When does the new Caribou location open?

As of now, there is no opening date and it appears that the spot is still under construction. We will keep you updated!

How many Caribou Coffee locations are there in the area?

This is one of many new Caribou Coffee locations! There is already a Caribou Cabin in Superior, which opened back in 2021. The Caribou 'Cabin' first rolled out back in 2019 and it seems to be successful as they are still rolling them out.

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There are six Caribou Coffee locations in Duluth, including one in the Miller Hill Mall. The others can be found in Canal Park and the Stone Ridge Shopping Center. The Cabin store that opened in Superior remains the only location there - for now.

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