Duluth may just be the new Hollywood. After the successful Christmas movie that filmed here in 2022 and premiered on Hulu, more people are catching on that the Northland is a one-of-a-kind place to make movie magic.

Merry Kiss Cam is that movie, in case you didn't already know. The Christmas romance was filmed here in summer of last year and debuted on Thanksgiving. It became a big hit and the stars that filmed the movie here seemed to enjoy spending time in Duluth.

Shortly after that movie wrapped, I saw that famous actress and singer Christina Milian was in Duluth! This was the most random thing ever, as she posted photos from iconic spots in the area and locals whispered of seeing her out and about.

After the first photo, many others followed, including a fan photo of the star getting her nails done at a salon in Duluth. She also posted photos from an antique store and shopping in Superior and Lincoln Park! She hinted, at times, that she was filming something but didn't go into details.

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Now, we know just what she was filming in Duluth. Details about the movie were released late last month, which we now know is called Body Language. Several major news outlets shared details of the movie, which gives more insight into what it is about.

According to reports, the movie is a thriller that is led by Christina Milian and actor Steven Strait. Christina plays a woman named Mariana who serves as a director for a major security firm. Things take a turn when one of her partner's friends from college comes over to cook them dinner as a congratulations gift for getting engaged.

Things take a turn from there, although more details on the plot are being kept mum for now. Christina Milian helped produce the film, which she describes to Deadline as scary because it is something that could happen in real life. Yikes!

IMDb helps bring light as to just why the movie is titled what it is, sharing the following plotline for the film;

Mariana's excels at reading people simply by scanning their body language. But what happens when she lets her guard down during dinner with her fiancé's enigmatic college friend, who seems to be one step ahead of her?

This movie looks good! I love thriller movies and this one will be awesome. The only bummer is that it doesn't seem like we will get too many Duluth references or scenes out in the open as it seems, based on this description, that it takes place inside a home.

I guess we will just have to wait and see. Either way, I will definitely be tuning in to the movie! There is no word just yet on where or when it will be released but we will keep you updated.

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