Now that hunting season is over, deer are finding their way to all kinds of places across the region. Earlier this month, a female deer decided to wander into a Minnesota butcher shop. I can only imagine the shock and terror that the poor deer experienced as she walked into what would be a horror movie to her!

Personally, I had a similar experience recently while out shoveling one of our latest rounds of snow. I had turned off the snowblower and was finishing cleaning up the path I make for our dogs in the backyard. Yes, I actually clear snow in my yard so my two dogs have a path to get exercise and do their business. I know, I'm a dork and they're spoiled, but if I don't do that they get way too rammy in the winter and they'll literally drop a deuce on the sidewalk as they have no interest in trudging through the snow.

Anyway, I took a break just to look at my handiwork, as everyone does at some point, and I heard something approaching me on the path. It sounded too slow and deliberate to be one of my crazy dogs so I turned to see what was approaching. Turns out, it was a buck and a big one at that!

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The curious thing was once he saw me, he didn't turn to run. He walked toward me until we were about 10 yards away from each other and stopped and stared at me. I said "Hi, bud" and he stared at me for about a minute so I added, "What can I do for you?". He then just took a left and walked toward the tree line. He never ran, and never seemed scared. We were buddies, I guess.

That's why once I saw the video that our media partners at WDIO-TV shared on Friday, I found it very funny and yet very familiar. The video was shared by WDIO viewer Kari Saunders and it's a Ring security camera video of a deer seemingly looking to make a friend or, as WDIO commented, coming over for dinner.

I love how the deer just hangs out and chills on the porch to watch cars go by for a little while. Like he's waiting for someone to answer the door so they can go about their evening.

Have you had close a close encounter this winter with a deer or other form of wildlife? I'd love to hear about it or see it if you have a picture or video. Unfortunately, I didn't have my phone when I met my new friend Bucky, but I keep waiting for him to return.

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